1. Useful Ways To Optimize And Save Money On Your Homeowners Insurance

    If you’re going to invest large sums of money in something as valuable as a house — new or old — simply put, you’re going to want to protect it. House prices range, of course, but you could be looking at a home that costs anywhere in the ballpark of $150,000 to well over a million dollars. The brilliance with homes is that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all option; every home t…Read More

  2. Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Your Auto Insurance Policy

    You can’t drive around without auto insurance — this includes here in the greater Ottawa area, and in many other places around the world. Well, you can try to drive around as an uninsured driver. Sure, your car will still operate all the same, but you’re seriously setting yourself (and other drivers that you encounter on the road) up for a disservice. Not only is it illegal and unlawful to o…Read More

  3. Anticipating The Worst: Tips To Windproof Your Home

    Recently, the Ottawa-Gatineau region experienced a high-speed windstorm that left residents dealing with the aftermath of headache-inducing damages. From trampolines and playground equipment to barbecue grills scattered about in places where they shouldn’t be to broken windows and dislodged trees, it’s fair to say that we sometimes underestimate the sheer power of the wind. Recovering From A W…Read More

  4. The Aftermath of a Windstorm

    Last week-end’s windstorm whipped up a high number of property-damage insurance claims. On Saturday morning, May 5th, residents in the Ottawa-Gatineau region awoke to trampolines, trees, signage and parts of fences scattered across roads and yards. Here are some tips on how to move things along after a windstorm. Insurance companies sort out damage claims by severity. That means that someone wit…Read More

  5. Why Proper Coverage Matters: An Overview Of Our Personal Insurance Services

    If you’re a Canadian in the greater Ottawa area looking for insurance policies that cover just about every single aspect of your life, then you’re in the right place! Even if that description doesn’t fit you but you’re still curious about discovering the personal insurance options that Bradley’s Insurance offers, then, well you’re still in the right place. Personal Insurance In Ottawa …Read More

  6. How Are Your Auto Insurance Rates Calculated? Here Are Several Factors To Consider

    When it comes car insurance in just about any part of the world, there’s really no such thing as “universal” car insurance. Naturally, it’s going to cost a lot more to insure a 2018 BMW M3 as opposed to a 1998 Geo Metro. In fact, insurance companies might pay you to drive the Geo around. Jokes aside, you may have insured one of your vehicles before, or just your sole vehicle, only to scrat…Read More

  7. Get The Best Auto Insurance Rate By Steering Clear Of These Common Driving Mistakes

    What would driving your car around without a good auto insurance policy be like? Nerve-wracking, to say the least — and flat-out illegal. Sure, the mechanics, electronics and every other practical aspect of your car would work A-OK, but what if you got in a wreck? Whether or not the accident was your own fault, you’d still be out of luck. Needless to say, from a legal, practical and all-around…Read More

  8. Why Should You Work With A Personal Insurance Agent In Ottawa?

    Does it pay to be protected? We think so. Insuring multiple aspects of your life — as many as you can, really — is beyond important. However, with so many insurance providers out there, trying to find the best company who offers the best deals on their policies might very well make your head spin. Indeed, it seems as if the insurance industry has become saturated with time-a-dozen providers, o…Read More

  9. More Of The Most Bizzare Insurance Claims We’ve Come Across

    Is it yet another alien abduction claim? Did a cow try and communicate to you through sign language? Perhaps you awoke to a poorly-dressed Santa Claus impersonator rifling through your fridge at 2 a.m., claiming that he “was just around for the holidays.” Jokes aside, over the years, the insurance industry has experienced more than its fair share of bizarre and outlandish insurance claims. The…Read More

  10. Lesser Known Things About Ottawa Auto Insurance

    Lesser-Known Things About Ottawa Auto Insurance To Keep In Mind

    Looking for your next conversation starter? Well, unless you’re attending an auto insurance convention, perhaps these lesser-known facts and aspects of auto insurance might not be the most interesting icebreakers — but hey, who knows? Unless you live in the heart of a city or you have easy access to an effective public transportation system, most of us are essentially forced to drive a car. Th…Read More