1. Lesser-Known Things About Ottawa Auto Insurance To Keep In Mind

    Looking for your next conversation starter? Well, unless you’re attending an auto insurance convention, perhaps these lesser-known facts and aspects of auto insurance might not be the most interesting icebreakers — but hey, who knows? Unless you live in the heart of a city or you have easy access to an effective public transportation system, most of us are essentially forced to drive a car. Th…Read More

  2. Going Beyond Our Insurance Services: Little-Known Things About Ottawa

    You could say that we know quite a bit about our home, Stittsville, and the greater Ottawa area. Why? That’s because Bradley’s Insurance is a cornerstone of our local community — we’ve been here on Main Street since 1956! Steady growth over the years has allowed us the privilege and honor to serve an incredible number of Ottawa residents over the years with our high-quality insurance servi…Read More

  3. The Ins and Outs of Classic Car Insurance: What You Should Know

    Just like how “cookie-cutter” homes and neighborhoods have been popping up more frequently in recent years, many cars on the road have also followed a similar trend. If you were to park a 2002 1.3 liter Hyundai Accent next to, let’s say, a 1961 Jaguar E-Type, the difference is...well, apparent. And while we know that’s not really a fair comparison—after all, the Hyundai is an econobox an…Read More

  4. Useful Tips to Secure, Protect and Optimize Your Home In Ottawa

    With homeownership comes a sense of pride. If you’re like the majority of people, you probably grew up in your parent’s home, eventually reaching the age of adulthood where you were able to start making your own money. After renting a number of places in college and even as a post-graduate young professional, you eventually settled down and found a home worth investing in the long-term. Fast f…Read More

  5. Tips To Get The Most Out Of Homeowners Insurance In Ottawa

    Similar to staying adequately hydrated in order to avoid an actual headache, being prepared and taking care of yourself will help you avoid a figurative headache when it comes to homeowners insurance. After all, people’s homes (or other properties) tend to be their most significant asset, and so it only makes sense to protect something so valuable. While the unexpected can and does happen, it’…Read More

  6. Even More Outrageous Insurance Policies That Exist

    The insurance industry is a rather large one, to say the least. Though many providers offer home and auto insurance in Ottawa just like we do here at Bradley’s Insurance, there are seemingly countless (and very specific) policies out there. As we touched on in our previous blog post, your trusted Stittsville insurance provider is going to continue covering some of these interesting and rather no…Read More

  7. Outrageous and Uncommon Insurance Policies That You Didn’t Know Existed

    Right off the bat, we have some great news for you: It’s completely possible to get that chicken insurance that you’ve been searching so long for. What if your significant other gets cold feet right before your wedding date? As completely tragic as that hypothetical sounds, cold feet wedding insurance also exists. Isn’t it good to know that you’re covered for even the most trivial or unlik…Read More

  8. Some Of The Most Ridiculous Insurance Claims Ever Documented

    When filing an insurance claim in Ottawa, if you’ve ever said something ridiculous along the lines of, “I started to slow down, but the traffic was more stationary than I thought!”, then congratulations, because you’ve made it onto a list somewhere on the internet. Working in the insurance industry, your Ottawa home and car insurance experts regularly deal with fairly mild-mannered, honest…Read More

  9. Specialized Insurance: Taking a Look at Niche Insurance Services

    Homeowners insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance - those are all fairly common insurance services, right? They are very commonplace in the insurance industry, but our point is that there are many, many different types of specialized and niche insurance markets out there. Though many insurance policies are very...rare, shall we say, it only makes sense to insure your nose…Read More

  10. Safe At The Wheel: Tips and Tricks To Save On Auto Insurance

    Are you covered at the wheel? While automobiles have offered many decades of convenient, personal transportation, they also present their fair share of risks when you’re at speed on the open road. Here in Ontario, drivers are required to have at least some extent of auto insurance in order to legally drive a vehicle. At a minimum, this coverage includes liability, accident benefits, direct compe…Read More