Recently, the Ottawa-Gatineau region experienced a high-speed windstorm that left residents dealing with the aftermath of headache-inducing damages. From trampolines and playground equipment to barbecue grills scattered about in places where they shouldn’t be to broken windows and dislodged trees, it’s fair to say that we sometimes underestimate the sheer power of the wind.

Recovering From A Windstorm With Ottawa Homeowners Insurance

In a previous blog post, Bradley’s Insurance touched on how to move forward after a windstorm strikes the area. It’s no fun dealing with the aftermath, but there’s a very good reason why homeowner’s insurance exists: to help out with situations like these. Our tips covered how to move along after a windstorm from an insurance perspective, but our personal insurance experts also feel that it is important to protect you and your home from the next windstorm. Who knows when another windy event could strike?

Read below about some practical ways to better windproof your home, or feel free to contact Bradley’s Insurance if you have any questions about what your Ottawa homeowners insurance policy covers. We’re here to serve you!

Landscaping Considerations

If there aren’t many nearby trees in your area to reduce the intensity of the wind, cleverly adding shrubs of various height or other dense vegetation can help mitigate the beating that the exterior of your home takes from the wind. Just make sure that anything you plant or “install” is rooted properly.

6 Ways To Windproof Your Home

Strengthening Your Doors And Windows

Windows tend to shatter or crack during major windstorms as debris and other items are forcefully lodged in them. If you own an older home, consider upgrading to thicker pane windows as well as energy-efficient insulated doors (great for reducing your heating bill during the winter, too). For a cheaper option, you can also apply newer foam insulation around the inside and outside of your windows beneath the surrounding trim.

Replace Old Siding On Your Home

Older homes will have older, weaker siding around the exterior — meaning that they’re more likely to be violently ripped away from harsh winds. Upgrading to new, stronger siding or even new shingles (if you can afford it) made of durable materials like vinyl will go a long way in keeping the outside of your home secure.

Consider Removing Big Trees Too Close To Your Home

Well-rooted, shorter landscape elements like bushes and shrubs can do their part in blocking or reducing the amount of wind that strikes your home, but massive, nearby trees can spell trouble. If there are giant trees very close to your home, there’s a good chance that they could fall directly onto your roof, resulting in massive damages. Trees are extremely heavy; don’t underestimate their potential to be uprooted in the event of extreme winds.

Fasten Metal Roofing And Metal Siding

It’s not uncommon for intense winds to completely rip away entire panels off of a home, which then makes it easier for the wind to enter a home. Can you imagine how unpleasant it would be to feel unsafe and exposed to a windstorm within the comfort of the inside of your home?

If applicable to your home’s roof and other exterior components, make sure that contractors are securing metal roofing and siding to your home’s frame. This can be done with exposed fasteners like screws or bolts, or with concealed clips. Additionally, to make sure that wind doesn’t enter beneath your home’s siding, siding edges should be covered with a fastened metal cap or molding.

Anchor Items Outside Your Home (Or Bring Them Inside)

Things like barbecue grills, small sheds, and patio furniture can turn into projectile missiles when picked up by violent winds. If your area is anticipating a major windstorm, do your best to bring these items indoors or secure them with straps or ground anchors.

Protect Yourself With Homeowners Insurance In Ottawa

Our personal insurance specialists at Bradley’s Insurance are passionate about serving the greater Ottawa community through insurance policies like home and auto insurance. A comprehensive homeowners insurance policy in Ottawa will help ensure that your home is financially protected in the event of a natural disaster or windstorm. Get in touch with Bradley’s Insurance today to get started!

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