The insurance industry is a rather large one, to say the least. Though many providers offer home and auto insurance in Ottawa just like we do here at Bradley’s Insurance, there are seemingly countless (and very specific) policies out there. As we touched on in our previous blog post, your trusted Stittsville insurance provider is going to continue covering some of these interesting and rather novel insurance services below.

Ottawa Home and Auto Insurance Bundles Help Keep You Covered

Of course, if you’re curious about more “standard” insurance policies, Bradley’s Insurance would love to work with you! Whether you’re in Stittsville or anywhere else in the greater Ottawa or Ontario areas, we have the perfect solutions tailored just for you. Feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more about commercial auto insurance, high-value home insurance, and other home and auto insurance products.

Cold Feet Wedding Insurance

We actually briefly mentioned this one in our previous blog post on the matter, but didn’t go into detail. Given the rising costs of weddings, especially in places like the United States, more insurance providers are coming up with clever ways to cover the nuptials. Sure enough, there are policies available to protect the bride or groom if one of them changes their mind, but the wedding must be canceled a full year before the scheduled date. So, hopefully the couple-that-would-be-but-isn’t has prepared themselves way ahead of time, but even then, this policy only covers third-party expenses.

Fantasy Football Coverage

Fantasy sports represent a fairly large business, and so it only makes sense to protect your “investments.” After all, a real-life injury to a star player could very well be calamitous to a fantasy participant. Fortunately, with the handy help of, this product allows fantasy sports players to purchase insurance on their team members.

Loch Ness Monster Attack Coverage

Let’s be real; loch ness monster attacks happen to the best of us. Jokes aside, the Scottish cruise line Jacobite Cruises does not take this seemingly-impossible possibility lightly. Taking out a policy that would cover any damages caused by the sea monster, the owner of the cruise line thought that they would “look silly” if something were to happen and they weren’t covered. Sure enough, the cruise line purchased a $1.5 million policy from Towergate Insurance in exchange for a rather novel peace of mind.

Chicken Insurance

Farmers and co-op patrons, rejoice – you can take out policies for specific animals, not just your run-of-the-mill pet insurance for dogs and cats (don’t worry, we still love our canine and feline friends). If you have a side business selling farm-fresh eggs, for example, insuring your chickens actually makes a lot of sense, and if anything, it’s a pretty smart move. You have to admit, though, that “chicken insurance” is pretty amusing at face value.

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Bradley’s Insurance can’t offer a policy on every single thing in life, but we do offer an incredible number of specialized insurance services. From business insurance to auto insurance and home insurance, we’ve proudly served our local Stittsville community for decades. Learn more by getting in touch with us today!

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