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So, given that our business legacy in Stittsville dates back to the 50s, it’s more than fair to say that we know Ottawa like the back of our hand. How much do you know about Ottawa? We might not be Paris or London or Tokyo, or even New York City, but hey, we’re Canadian at heart — you simply won’t find friendlier folk who care about one another anywhere else.

Whether you’re new to Stittsville, you’re a long-time resident who’s reading for some kicks or you’re halfway across the world, tune in below to learn some interesting tidbits about this Canadian haven we call Ottawa. If you’re searching for the most comprehensive personal insurance and commercial insurance services available in our area, our home and auto bundle insurance professionals would love to help you find the right fit! Get started and learn more by getting in touch with Bradley’s Insurance today.

Ottawa Is The Capital Of Canada

Long-time residents might be rolling their eyes right now, but obvious statements aside, you’d be surprised at how many non-Canadians do not know this. When people think of Canada, they typically think of cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ontario, Québec, and most typically, Vancouver. That might be because these cities are larger in comparison to Ottawa, but sure enough, Ottawa serves as the political center of Canada (among many other things!). You can thank Queen Victoria for choosing Ottawa to be Canada’s capital back in 1857.

A Place of Trade

Where does the name “Ottawa” come from, and what does it mean? Derived from the Algonquin word adawe, meaning “to trade,” Ottawa gets its name from the indigenous peoples who lived there before settlers arrived, much like other cities in Canada and the United States. Ottawa’s name specifically refers to the bustle of trade activity that occurred on the main river to do things like trade, hunt, fish, camp, harvest plants, conduct ceremonies, and other traditional happenings.

A Frigid Capital

Canada has a reputation for being cold, and Ottawa is hardly an exception. Ottawa boats its rank as the 7th coldest capital city on planet Earth, beaten by the even colder capitals of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Astana in Kazakhstan, Moscow in Russia, Helsinki in Finland, Reykjavik in Iceland, and Tallinn in Estonia. Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily the coldest areas in the world, they’re only the coldest capital cities in the world.

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An Impressive Temperature Spectrum

Despite Ottawa’s rank as the 7th coldest capital city on Earth, there was a day where Canada reached temperatures on par with places like Arizona or Morocco. Indeed, the hottest day on record in Ottawa — to date — was a balmy 37.8°C, or 100°F. That being said, it’s not unheard of for this area to reach humidex readings of above 40°C.

Conversely, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Ottawa was a nostril-freezing -36.1°C, or -33°F, back on February 15, 1943. We’d also assume that’s without a wind chill factor…

A Surprisingly Young City

Though Vancouver is likely perceived as one of the most “hip” and “young” cities in all of the great north, nearly half of Ottawa’s population is under the age of 35. This makes Ottawa one of the youngest cities in the country, which is a bit surprising given that Ottawa is also the political capital of Canada. By that logic, you’d imagine that there would be a higher concentration of older people.

Parliament Hill and Cats

This area near downtown Ottawa, known colloquially as “The Hill,” was once a feline haven — it was only in recent years that things changed, actually. Within Parliament Hill, an entire colony and structure were built for over 30 cats who lived behind The Hill. This cat-based plan was set in motion back as early as the 1930s as a natural solution to deal with a then-plague of rats and mice that scurried about the basement of what was then the brand new Centre Block.

With the rodent problem presumably resolved, the colony of cats decided to hang around for years, to the point that designated cleaners and guards were bringing them food and water. This isn’t your typical “cat cafe,” but it must have been an interesting sight for unsuspecting tourists.

Ride Along The Rideau Canal

What do you get when nature freezes a long, winding canal around downtown Ottawa? The world’s longest ice skating rink, of course! Note that we didn’t necessarily say “biggest” or “largest” ice skating rink, but the frozen Rideau Canal does serve as the world’s longest. For visitors and long-time Ottawa residents alike, this is a preferred way to see the city during the winter months. Where else can you skate miles around the downtown area? Just make sure not to go out during a blizzard and you’re surely in for a great time.

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