Important Aspects Of Inspecting A Home Before Buying Homeowners Insurance

There’s nothing quite like the pride of owning something new. The truth is that, despite how detached we’d like to think we are from material possessions, the reality is that it feels pretty good to own and buy things. “Retail therapy” is a valid concept — we feel better about the stress and problems in our lives, at least, until we check our bank accounts.

What’s the ultimate form of retail therapy? Buying a new or new-to-you house. For most people, buying a home will be the most hefty and significant purchase of their lives. You may be tempted to jump the gun and close on a house just because it’s a house and you don’t have to continue the painstaking process of finding a home that meets your needs and budget.

Protecting Your Purchase With the Right Homeowners Insurance Policy

We’ll admit that finding the right house that fits your life situation is easier said than done. However, exercising some due diligence in terms of inspecting a property in question will be worth your while before you sign mountains of paperwork and buy homeowners insurance for your new Ottawa home.

Bradley’s Insurance, the experts in Ottawa homeowners insurance, are covering several important aspects of a pre-home purchase inspection that you’ll want to check out. For more home buying tips and tricks, feel free to check out our extensive blog archive, or read more about homeowners insurance in Ottawa.

Failing to Check For Roof Leaks

Seasoned home inspectors will check out a property from top to bottom to make sure that it’s a worthwhile buy. Except, generally, they’re not actually going to the very top because most home inspectors won’t usually climb on top of the roof to inspect it. In this case, you’ll want a qualified expert on the scene to make sure that things are looking safe and sturdy.

Rotting wood and mold on or in your roof could cause a number of extremely expensive and progressively detrimental issues down the road whether you’re looking at six months or ten years into the future. Of course, this important home inspection item usually only applies to older homes, but if you intend on buying a house that’s a few decades old, we strongly recommend getting the roof closely inspected by an expert.

“Errors and Omissions” Coverage

Most home inspectors will fail to examine other behind-the-scenes but crucial parts of your home beyond your roof. This includes things like underground pipes, septic tanks or wells systems, sump pumps, wiring, and so forth. We don’t expect you to be the experts in this matter, and that’s why our insurance experts recommend…well, getting additional insurance coverage.

Look into Errors and Omissions coverage to protect these important components of the property in question.

Checking for Lead In Old Paint

Again, if your home in question was constructed within the last several years, or even the past couple of decades, you have nothing to worry about here. However, for older homes that may or may not have any lead-based paint, you’ll want to double-check that situation by simply testing for lead in the paint.

It’s true that sellers are required to fill out a lead paint disclosure if the home in question was originally constructed prior to 1978, but disclosure isn’t going to help mitigate the toxic effects of lead. Lead test kits usually cost a few dollars from your local health department and can save you much more than a headache in the long run.

Having a Professional Inspect Your HVAC System

What good is a home if it can’t keep you and your family warm during the long Canadian winters and cool during the brief-but-intense summers? Unfortunately, the fall season tends to be fairly brief here in Ottawa and the ideal temperatures won’t last long.

Your home’s furnace and air conditioning system will be costly to fix or even outright replace should you purchase a home with a broken or dying HVAC system. Look into the extent of the HVAC system’s warranty and have a qualified professional tell you the condition of the furnace, air conditioning unit, and other associated hardware that could malfunction in the future.

Protect Your Ottawa Home With a Comprehensive Homeowners Insurance Policy

There’s no sense in buying the most expensive asset of your life just to leave it unprotected. Play it the smart way and contact Bradley’s Insurance about our flexible homeowners insurance policies in Ottawa.

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