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It’s a well known human dynamic of sorts that as we get older in life, time just seems to pass by faster and faster. Why is this? Your subjective perception of time is a tricky matter and it’s difficult to pinpoint scientific reasons for why the pace of life seems to accelerate as you continue to age. Is it because you’re well past the magic of living life as a child? Is it because there’s not a lot to look forward to? We like to take a positive approach and think that previous question doesn’t ring true, as life can always provide many things to be excited about no matter what your age is.

The Speed Of Life

Some theorize that this perceptive phenomenon is due to the fact that as we get older, the major milestones of our personal development — especially when it comes to growing up — are farther and few in between. In other words, there’s a lot going on when we’re kids. Every month, or even every week at a certain stage in our childhood, something exciting is either happening to us or around us that helps characterize our development.

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Anyway, getting that “deep” blog introduction out of the way, Bradley’s Insurance would like to present one of the most important milestones that occurs later on in adult life: buying your first house! Whether you buy a home that was built years ago or you’ve worked hard to be able to afford a brand new home, owning your own property is a big deal. This is something truly worth celebrating!

To protect such a major investment, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right Ottawa house insurance policies should something go wrong. Your new (or new-to-you) home is a sturdy structure that stands tall, but there’s no telling what can happen in the way of natural disasters, vandalism, or other threats to your home. You can get a quote on a homeowners insurance policy via our insurance agents here, or contact us directly with any questions about how to insure your home in the Ottawa area.

In another wholesome blog post from the team here at Bradley’s Insurance, we’re taking a look at some of the most significant milestones in life. Read on for a little inspiration!

Your First Day Of School

The very first day of preschool and kindergarten is a magical milestone — possibly more magical for your parents. Complete with your brand-new school outfit and little backpack, your folks snap a picture of you right outside the front door of the house. It’s pretty standard stuff, but the significance of entering public school and learning how to socialize with fellow students is nothing shy of a big deal. Truly, this is probably the most wholesome milestone of them all.

Starting Your First Official Job

Ah, so now you’ve entered the workforce! As a logical transition from starting school, sometime as a teenager, you’re finally old enough and experienced enough to successfully land a job. Maybe you’re working at a hardware store as a clerk; maybe you’re washing cars; perhaps you’re simply going around mowing people’s lawns in the neighborhood. Whatever it is that you did as a first job, this time in your life is extremely important because it lays out the foundation for good work ethic. By the time you reach your early 20s and really start to cultivate some real, professional work experience, you’ll want to have at least a couple years of employment experience under your belt.

Getting Your Heart Broken

Whoa! There’s nothing wholesome about this, right? Having a significant other break up with you, especially after an extended relationship, is an extremely difficult and painful thing to go through. So, why should this be considered as a milestone in life? Well, when you view enduring heartbreak in a positive light, the cathartic qualities of the experience begin to shine through. Though suffering emotional pain of that magnitude is unlike anything else, going through this will equip you with the empathic qualities of knowing what it’s like — and thinking twice about what you say and how you act toward other people.

Ultimately, a major break up can and will alter the development of your life. This can be for better or worse, but generally, it’s for the better. You’ll finally get time to live your own life and do things for your own happiness, not for someone else’s. It’s after you start focusing on yourself that your life goals, ambitions, career direction and other mysteries of life start to become more clear and defined. This can lead to things like…

Getting Married

Your spouse is more than just a life partner. They’re your best friend, someone that you enjoy spending time with so much that you’ve mutually chosen to spend the rest of your lives together. That’s a major life milestone! It’s no surprise that weddings are a big deal around the world, and celebrated accordingly. It’s true that marriage isn’t for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with not getting married in life, but for many, this is truly a momentous occasion.

Buying Your First House

Okay, so this milestone probably wasn’t unexpected. However, that doesn’t change the fact that buying your first home is a huge deal!

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