Sniffing out the best insurance deals

If you’ve followed any of our blog posts in the past, then you’ve probably taken note that most of our posts tend to revolve around…well, insurance and insurance-related matters. Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising for a company that specializes in Ottawa house insurance and other personal insurance services, right? Following this logic, you may have read the title of this post wondering, “What on earth do smells have to do with home insurance?” That’s a completely fair question.

Sniffing Out The Best Deals On Personal Insurance

We’re looking at (or sniffing, if you will) various good smells in today’s blog post because moving into a new home — or a “new to you home” — is often associated with a particular smell, or at least a smell that you’re not quite used to. Overall, moving somewhere new involves feelings of excitement, hope, exhaustion, joyfulness, and maybe even a little bit of anxiety. Our point here is that when you’ve finally chosen the house that feels right, signed all of that seemingly endless final paperwork and locked down on your Ottawa house insurance policy, you can then step inside and soak in the energy of your new home…with all of your five senses, including your nose!

New Things Are Good. Celebrate Them With Bradley’s Insurance!

Smells tend to evoke many specific thoughts and feelings within us that may be tied to past experiences, good or bad. Since buying a new home and getting the right homeowners insurance policy for it is such a celebratory matter, your personal insurance experts here at Bradley’s Insurance are going to cover some of the best smells out there that we tend to associate with positive, happy feelings.

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The Smell Of A New Car

It’s hard to really beat the smell of a brand new car, isn’t it? We’re not entirely sure what goes into the smell of a new car, or what chemicals are at play. Maybe it’s just the fact that you’re the first one to really put any miles on the vehicle, or maybe the smells are from the fact that everything was recently assembled. Either way, whether you go on a simple test drive with a car salesman or you’re proudly driving your new vehicle right off the lot, it’s fair to say that most people tend to really enjoy how a new car smells.

The Smell Of Freshly Cut Grass

Take note that we’re treading with caution here because there are plenty of people out there who are allergic to grass. Even walking near grass that’s recently been cut may be enough to trigger a few sneezes. Heck, maybe certain individuals exhibit an allergic reaction when they hop inside a brand new vehicle like we mentioned above. However, for all of those people who don’t appreciate that satisfying scent of freshly cut grass, there are plenty that do. Perhaps this smell has something to do with the visual satisfaction of a mowed lawn, or even just from the accomplished feeling of a job well done. Could you imagine how nice it would be to mow your lawn with a new vehicle parked on the driveway of your new home? Talk about borderline sensory overload!

The Smell Of Popcorn

If you work in a small office space, then you’ve probably been in the zone, working diligently, when a wafting distraction enters your nostrils. Sure enough, a nearby coworker has freshly popped some good ol’ popcorn, and the smell is so nice that it actually forces you to remove yourself from work and throw them a compliment or two in hopes of getting access to this delicious mid-day snack. You know that a smell is powerful when it draws you away from the focus of pure workflow!

The Smell Of Fresh Mountain Air

Have you stayed in the city too long? Our nation’s beautiful capital city is a wonderful place to live, but the masses of people may leave you yearning for some truly fresh, alpine air. That’s where the head-clearing satisfaction of mountain air comes into play. Complete with seemingly meditative qualities, breathing in the scents of nature just feels right. Whether you need to make a clear decision about your life or just escape the hustle and bustle of city life for even a few hours, taking a nice mountain drive is always a good idea. Bonus points if you take a new car all the way up the mountains!

The Smell Of Nearby Barbecue

If you want your neighbors to flock over to your place when you didn’t invite them over in the first place, grilling out in your backyard (or using a smoker if you’re really trying to draw in the masses) is an olfactory invitation to your residence. Between barbecue cooking and grass being cut, there really are no other classic summer smells that top these. Except for…

The Smell Of A Campfire

Though the smell will stick on your clothing, it’s worth it. Campfires have this magical quality that draws people together, and the intoxicating smell is definitely a valid factor at play.

Enjoy The Smell Of Your New Home With The Help Of Ottawa House Insurance

You got us — a homeowners insurance policy doesn’t really have a particular smell. However, enjoying your new home and its brand new smell is all the more enjoyable knowing that your new place is in the best hands possible. Get the right home insurance in Ottawa by working with Bradley’s Insurance today!

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