At one point or another earlier on in your life, you may have purchased a home thinking to yourself, “this is probably where I’m going to settle for the rest of my life — or at least the next few decades until my kids are grown up.” It’s nice to think that everything always goes according to plan in life, especially when it comes to long-term homeownership. However, anyone who’s ever lived on Earth knows that life is dynamic and full of unexpected change. Perhaps, after all, your dear-to-you home isn’t going to be in your hands as long as you originally anticipated.

Welcoming Change With Open Arms

Maybe you’ve received an enticing job offer that’s going to make you more money and provide a better quality of life for you and your family. Sometimes, people move in order to live closer to their relatives. You could even love your home, but not your neighborhood or the surrounding area in which you live. Whatever the case is, it’s always a good idea to welcome change with open arms.

Resale Value And Ottawa House Insurance Made Easy By Bradley’s

So, here you are in a position where you need to sell your home, get the optimal resale value for it, and purchase another home. You’ll also have to transfer or switch your Ottawa house insurance providers if you’re living in our service area here at Bradley’s Insurance. While our home and auto insurance experts can help you seamlessly switch or even transfer policies (if applicable), you may not know how to optimize your home’s resale value. That’s what we’re focusing on in today’s blog post!

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Consider Re-Shingling Your Roof (If Necessary)

Building a custom deck or laying out concrete for a brand new patio serve as nice luxuries for a home, but nothing is more important than what’s over your head. Essential to keeping your home…well, a functioning shelter, home appraisal experts tend to weigh a great deal of value on this part of your home. If you originally moved into an older home and your roof is showing signs of aging (faded shingles, chipped shingles, visible wind damage, water seepage, etc.), spending money on a roofer to come in and touch up your roof will help double or triple your initial investment when you get a great buying price for your home.

If you have a knack for tackling home projects and you can (safely) handle the job on your own, you can re-shingle your roof by hand and save even more money in the process. However, documentation from a professional roofing company stating the work that they did may ultimately prove to be more valuable when you’re selling your home.

Light Up The Interior Of Your Home

If you’re still using old-school lighting that’s not nearly as efficient as modern-day standards, then you’re doing yourself — and your electricity bill — a disservice. Not only are CFLs and LED lights a relatively cheap investment up front, but they’ll provide a great selling point when you mention that all of the lighting in your home was recently replaced and upgraded. Additionally, brighter lights that properly illuminate a room will make your home more enticing to both potential buyers, real estate agents, and appraisers. Old, dingy lighting just doesn’t do a space any justice.

An Old Home Value Cliche: Curb Appeal

Though the future owners of your home will be spending the majority of time inside of your old house, how your home looks from across the street absolutely matters when it comes to property value. You can’t control what’s nearby or where your home is located, but you can control how your front yard looks and the image that your home projects to your neighbors. A few hours of landscaping can go a long way in adding value to your home, and simple additions to your porch area (if you have one) like a loveseat, idyllic porch swing or even a tasteful welcome mat can make your home a hot commodity on the local Ottawa real estate market.

Focus On An Unforgettable, Well-Designed Kitchen

If your kitchen utilizes appliances from 1992, it might be time to bite the financial bullet and make some well-deserved, shiny upgrades. Stainless steel appliances not only make an outdated kitchen look modern and sleek, but upgraded kitchen appliances also use significantly less energy than their antiquated counterparts. If your home’s washer and dryer are in a similar situation, we suggest giving another upgrade some serious thought. Ideally, your investment will pay off and you’ll end up profiting off of these investments once your home sells for a generous price.

Make Sure All Of Your Bathrooms Are Modern And Updated

It’s no secret that kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms that add the most resale value to a home. After all, aren’t these the areas of your average home wherein the occupants spend the most time? With the exception of sleeping in your bedroom (even if you’re an adventurous sleepwalker), the majority of your time is spent in the kitchen or a bathroom. Even if a simple coat of paint is all that it takes to really make your bathroom look nice, it’ll pay off during a tour of your home. Guests that tour your home may very well end up using it, after all!

Construct Or Replace The Fence Surrounding Your Home

Your home’s fence matters for a variety of reasons including that of security, privacy, and all-around safety. Having a fence around your backyard is also a great idea for dog owners. Though this is an often-overlooked aspect of improving your home’s resale value, clearly defining your property limits with a freshly-painted or even brand new fence will make your yard look nice, ultimately adding even more resale value to your home. Make sure that the fence you erect conforms to various HOA standards and communicate with any next-door neighbors if you need to jointly complete the project.

Insure Your New Home With An Ottawa House Insurance Policy From Us

Even if you end up selling your old home for maximum resale value, there’s no telling what’s going to happen to your new one. This is why a proper Ottawa house insurance policy for our fellow Ontario residents is important. With a variety of flexible policies to perfectly accommodate your life situation, Bradley’s Insurance and our Ottawa house insurance brokers are ready to work with you. Get started today!

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