We can’t wait for spring.  It means longer days, warmer weather  and of course the snow is melting and with that the rivers and lakes start to overflow but more importantly the water begins to pool around your home.  As the weather is rapidly changing, water claims are on the rise.

While most basements these days are finished, even those that are not could still suffer a loss.  Weather you own or rent we all keep belonging in the basement not to mention our furnace.

What is sewer/sump pump back-up and Overland water?

Sewer/sump pump back-up is:  The sudden and accidental backing up or escape of water or sewage within your dwelling.

Overland water is: Fresh water that accumulates upon or submerges land which is usually dry resulting from: unusual and rapid accumulations or run off of surface water from any source, including torrential rainfall.  The rising or breaking out or the overflow of any body of fresh water.

While both coverages are normally bundled they can be purchased separately as not every area will qualify for both.

You can take precautions against water damage and help reduce damage:

–              Remove snow and ice away from your foundation and window wells

–              Install a back water valve

–              Install a water alarm

–              Installing a sump pump with a battery back-up

–              Installing a generator

–              Ensuring downspouts are directed far away from the house

–              store belongings in rubber containers, to reduce damage and loss of contents

What is NOT covered?

–              Seepage, water entering slowly over an extended amount of time.

–              Cracked foundations or water entering due to lack of maintenance

If you do find water in your basement turn off your furnace and try to prevent further loss.  Pick up your belongings and move to dry area or out of the basement, try to remove the water by either pump or if minimal use a shop vac.  Place fans to help dry the wet areas.  Contact your broker for further advice