1. Should my roofer be insured?

    We get asked this question by the homeowners we insure all the time...the simple answer is YES! It is very important when selecting a roofing contractor (or any other contractor) to work on your home that you confirm that they have the appropriate insurance coverage and WSIB coverage. We strongly recommend that you ask the contractor for "proof" that they carry at least $2,000,000 of General Liabi…Read More

  2. Should I be insured by a Corporation or a Local Broker?

    We hear people talking about this all the time...what is the difference between being insured by a large corporation, or a locally owned brokerage. The biggest difference is that "CORPORATIONS DON'T CARE! "  Corporations can’t have feelings...so they can’t care...it's not their fault, it's just the way it is.  They will say they have mission statements, values that guide them...but the reali…Read More

  3. March 8-17, 2016 Forecast = Wet! Is your home ready for ‘The Thaw’?

    The forecast in the Ottawa area is predicting very warm temperatures, and lots of rain.  Many people will be happy to see the snow disappear so quickly, but this rapid thaw can cause problems for homeowners! Bradley’s Insurance wants to make sure you and your home are ready for the spring melt by sharing the following tips to help you prevent losses to your property: -Ensure snow is shoveled aw…Read More

  4. A new year, a new chapter for a cornerstone of the Ottawa community

    A new year, and a new chapter for a cornerstone of the Ottawa community It’s funny, isn’t it? The more ‘connected’ our world becomes, and the more opportunity there is for interaction, the less personal it seems. Our calls to customer service are directed overseas; the waiting rooms in doctor’s offices are silent, as everyone stares at their phones; even the cashiers at fast food restaur…Read More


    Welcome to Bradleys Insurance New Digital Insurance Solution! We are looking forward to serving you better by providing a broad range of insurance information at your fingertips 24/7 as well as allowing you to request quotes on line. Take the time to Meet our Team, look at our Client Resources as well as browse our new Personal Lines Offerings! We with you all the best for the upcoming Holiday Sea…Read More