1. Will Your Home Insurance Will Cover You While You Go On Vacation?

    So, you are off to enjoy some great weather and quality time with family and friends.  A vacation is a great way to relax and have fun. But an enjoyable getaway can quickly sour if you’re interrupted with news of a problem at home. Did you know there are a few common activities that can void some important coverage in your homeowner’s policy? One is leaving your home unoccupied, especially du…Read More

  2. Insurance and running a business out of your home

    In today’s society and changing economy, running a business from your home is becoming more popular and appealing.  Some people may start up side business to supplement their full time employment income while others are self-employed entrepreneurs who use their home as their workplace headquarters.  Regardless of which category you fall under, something you may have not thought about is how th…Read More

  3. Two vehicles driving down road in rain

    Claims Corner: Am I At Fault?

    One thing we deal with often as insurance brokers is trying to explain to clients when and how they are at fault in an accident. There are common myths floating around making people believe that they’re not going to be at fault in a given situation, and it’s time to clear the air. Here are the top 5 situations we hear most often where you would likely be found at fault: “I didn’t get a tic…Read More

  4. My Basement is Flooded

    We can’t wait for spring.  It means longer days, warmer weather  and of course the snow is melting and with that the rivers and lakes start to overflow but more importantly the water begins to pool around your home.  As the weather is rapidly changing, water claims are on the rise. While most basements these days are finished, even those that are not could still suffer a loss.  Weather you o…Read More

  5. No marijuana symbol

    Amendments to the Insurance Act to reflect changes to the federal Criminal Code related to the legalization of cannabis

    Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has amended the regulations under the Insurance Act to reflect changes to the federal Criminal Code related to the legalization of cannabis, which came into effect on October 17, 2018. The related bulletin from FSCO can be found by clicking here.   What this means for you as a driver and for you as a business owner employing drivers is that the def…Read More

  6. A man lending his vehicle to his friend

    If you lend your vehicle, you are lending your insurance.

    One of the questions that I am asked consistently, by clients varying in age and gender, is whether they can lend their vehicle to a friend, a neighbor, a loved one. It a simple query, I mean who hasn’t let their grandchild borrow their car, or had a friend drop them off at the airport and drive their vehicle back home to avoid the parking fees? The question is easily answered by a phrase that y…Read More

  7. Don’t think what you have in your home is worth much? You may be wrong!

    As you go through your day you rarely stop to think about all the items you are using and how hard it would be to remember them if it was all gone tomorrow. Unfortunately, this could be a reality for all of us which is why keeping an inventory list of your items is so important.  With severe weather events on the rise it is more critical than ever to ensure that you are prepared and that your con…Read More

  8. Homeowners Insurance in Ottawa and preparing your home for the colder weather

    Homeowners Insurance In Ottawa and Preparing Your Home For the Colder Weather

    At this point, construction season is starting to come to a close. The air is getting a little bit colder day by day, and heat waves aren’t quite as intense as they used to be. Well, maybe it’s just a little bit early, but we’re excited for that brilliant period of time when the roads clear up before the snow starts to hit the ground. Sure, this magical driving “season” probably only las…Read More

  9. Important Aspects Of Inspecting A Home Before Buying Homeowners Insurance

    Important Aspects of Inspecting a Home Before Buying Homeowners Insurance

    There’s nothing quite like the pride of owning something new. The truth is that, despite how detached we’d like to think we are from material possessions, the reality is that it feels pretty good to own and buy things. “Retail therapy” is a valid concept — we feel better about the stress and problems in our lives, at least, until we check our bank accounts. What’s the ultimate form of …Read More

  10. Get Out and Enjoy The Fall Weather With These Things To Do In Ottawa

    Get Out and Enjoy the Fall Weather With These Things To Do In Ottawa

    No one particularly enjoys being outside when it’s -28 degrees Celsius. We’re pretty used to the brutal winters; after all, Bradley’s Insurance has laid roots in Stittsville since 1956. In fact, we’re willing to wager that all seasoned Canadians are pretty used to the bitter temperatures that result in frozen cheeks and the intense desire to work from home. Ottawa House Insurance and Explo…Read More