When it comes to your life, nothing is more important than…well, your life — and the lives of your loved ones, of course. With a comprehensive range of personal insurance policies to match the exact needs of your lifestyle, Bradley’s Insurance is excited to branch out into the personal insurance market and provide our fellow Ottawa and Stittsville communities with the financial protection that our community members deserve. From niche personal insurance policies like snowmobile insurance and RV insurance to generalized auto insurance and homeowners insurance in Stittsville and Ottawa, Bradley’s Insurance has you and your family covered.

Read up on some interesting personal insurance insights below!

  1. Will Your Home Insurance Will Cover You While You Go On Vacation?

    So, you are off to enjoy some great weather and quality time with family and friends.  A vacation is a great way to relax and have fun. But an enjoyable getaway can quickly sour if you’re interrupted with news of a problem at home. Did you know there are a few common activities that can void some important coverage in your homeowner’s policy? One is leaving your home unoccupied, especially du…Read More

  2. Don’t think what you have in your home is worth much? You may be wrong!

    As you go through your day you rarely stop to think about all the items you are using and how hard it would be to remember them if it was all gone tomorrow. Unfortunately, this could be a reality for all of us which is why keeping an inventory list of your items is so important.  With severe weather events on the rise it is more critical than ever to ensure that you are prepared and that your con…Read More

  3. Our personal insurance brokers wish you a great rest of the summer

    Our Personal Insurance Brokers Wish You a Great Rest of the Summer!

    If you’ve spent just about any time living in Canada, then you know just how abrupt the seasonal changes can be. Here, we have a joke about the seasons that tends to ring just a little too true for people that live up here: we go from winter to “construction season” and then back to winter again. What happens to autumn and spring? Well, that’s a bit of a mystery if you ask the team here at…Read More

  4. The Aftermath of a Windstorm

    Last week-end’s windstorm whipped up a high number of property-damage insurance claims. On Saturday morning, May 5th, residents in the Ottawa-Gatineau region awoke to trampolines, trees, signage and parts of fences scattered across roads and yards. Here are some tips on how to move things along after a windstorm. Insurance companies sort out damage claims by severity. That means that someone wit…Read More

  5. Why Proper Coverage Matters: An Overview Of Our Personal Insurance Services

    If you’re a Canadian in the greater Ottawa area looking for insurance policies that cover just about every single aspect of your life, then you’re in the right place! Even if that description doesn’t fit you but you’re still curious about discovering the personal insurance options that Bradley’s Insurance offers, then, well you’re still in the right place. Personal Insurance In Ottawa …Read More

  6. Why Should You Work With A Personal Insurance Agent In Ottawa?

    Does it pay to be protected? We think so. Insuring multiple aspects of your life — as many as you can, really — is beyond important. However, with so many insurance providers out there, trying to find the best company who offers the best deals on their policies might very well make your head spin. Indeed, it seems as if the insurance industry has become saturated with time-a-dozen providers, o…Read More

  7. More Of The Most Bizzare Insurance Claims We’ve Come Across

    Is it yet another alien abduction claim? Did a cow try and communicate to you through sign language? Perhaps you awoke to a poorly-dressed Santa Claus impersonator rifling through your fridge at 2 a.m., claiming that he “was just around for the holidays.” Jokes aside, over the years, the insurance industry has experienced more than its fair share of bizarre and outlandish insurance claims. The…Read More

  8. Outrageous and Uncommon Insurance Policies That You Didn’t Know Existed

    Right off the bat, we have some great news for you: It’s completely possible to get that chicken insurance that you’ve been searching so long for. What if your significant other gets cold feet right before your wedding date? As completely tragic as that hypothetical sounds, cold feet wedding insurance also exists. Isn’t it good to know that you’re covered for even the most trivial or unlik…Read More

  9. Some Of The Most Ridiculous Insurance Claims Ever Documented

    When filing an insurance claim in Ottawa, if you’ve ever said something ridiculous along the lines of, “I started to slow down, but the traffic was more stationary than I thought!”, then congratulations, because you’ve made it onto a list somewhere on the internet. Working in the insurance industry, your Ottawa home and car insurance experts regularly deal with fairly mild-mannered, honest…Read More

  10. Our Insurance Company Discusses 3 of The Dumbest Cases of Insurance Fraud

    In our last blog, we discussed some wacky cases of insurance fraud, which included faked deaths, con artists and a teacher who grew tired of her car payments. We’ve discovered some equally wild tales about some of the dumbest cases of insurance fraud ever. Today, we have a couple of stories that will peak your interest and cause you to scratch your head in disbelief simultaneously. The Pro Wrest…Read More