Agency Bill Payments

We only accept payment in full from the customer by the later of the effective date and the policy issuance date.

Agency Bill payment options include:

  • Debit
  • Cheque or money order payable to BrokerLink
  • Financing through First Insurance, BrokerLink’s exclusive third party finance company
  • Credit card payments done online through Kixpay.  There is a 2.97% fee charged by the third party that must be disclosed to the client.
  • Cash, but on an exception basis only and will require manager’s approval before accepted. (PLEASE AVOID CASH PAYMENTS IF POSSIBLE)

 NEW: EFT  Attached are simple directions for the brokers to provide what they need to customers for etransfers on Agency Bill. etransfer-Ontario-5f2c4262ef69e

  • An email must be sent blind copy to the etransfer mailbox in every situation so we can match customer payments to their account in the event they do not provide their account number in the email to the bank. 

 Direct Bill Payments

The objective is for BrokerLink to avoid accepting any form of payment that would go into a BrokerLink bank account, and therefore, require BrokerLink to pay the insurance company rather than the customer who has the obligation to do so. It’s faster and easier for customers, who can feel confident their payments have been processed without delay.

Direct Bill payment options are all payable to the insurance company and includes:

  • Credit card
  • Cheque or money order
  • Pay at the bank

Cash and debit are on an exception basis only and requires manager approval prior to accepting.  (see below)


Cash is only accepted on an exception basis and must come with the approval of the branch manager first.  Exceptions could include:

  1. New policy where a down payment is required and credit card is not accepted by the company.

Payment to reinstate the policy where other payment options are not accepted.  It is BrokerLink’s policy to guide the client to make payment directly to the insurance company – either by cheque or credit card on the company site when possible.  When an exception payment is being taken, the manager will need to approve it prior to it being taken.