Ottawa Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Commercial umbrella liability insurance is a great asset to have in case there is an incident and your current liability coverage isn’t enough. Where your business’ liability coverage ends, your commercial umbrella liability coverage begins, ensuring you are protected beyond what your general liability policy offers.

The Importance Of Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Although a general liability policy is sufficient in many cases, there is no predicting when a serious situation could arise and prove to be more than this type of policy can handle. You may think you’re protected fully, but don’t let an an unforeseen incident with extreme repercussions leave your business in financial distress.

Who Needs Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance?

Commercial umbrella liability insurance is available for any business, large or small, that needs to supplement their existing policy with further liability protection. If you want to avoid protection gaps and have the peace of mind knowing you are protected from the distinct risks associated with your business operations, then commercial umbrella liability insurance is right for you.

Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage

Commercial umbrella liability insurance provides extra coverage over your existing policies in areas including:

  • Commercial auto liability
  • Business owners liability
  • General liability
  • Employers liability

Two Reasons To Get Started Now

  • Umbrella insurance is a surprisingly inexpensive way to gain even more coverage against issues such as accidents, lawsuits and/or property damage.
  • Just fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with commercial umbrella liability insurance options that meet the needs of your business.

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