Auto Dealer Insurance In Ottawa

You work in a fast-paced and demanding industry; you’ll want to focus on growing your business — not on spending time worrying if you have the proper insurance to protect you from the risks you face as an auto dealer in Ontario. Bradley’s Insurance has access to Canada’s top insurance companies, and we’re positive we can find an insurance solution that best fits your dealership.

Auto dealers in the Ottawa area provide many kinds of services to their customers. Some dealers also service the products they sell and need a specialized insurance product. What if one of your mechanics made an honest mistake that caused an accident? These situations do happen and without the proper coverage, you could lose your business. Getting the best insurance policy to fit your dealership requires knowledge of risk-management, experience with the auto industry and insight into insurance. That’s why you should trust your needs to Bradley’s Insurance, which has been providing dealership insurance advice in the Ottawa and surrounding area for several decades.

What Is Auto Dealer Insurance?

Dealerships are a very unique and complicated business with many moving parts and revenue streams.

This coverage is a specialized insurance solution that covers all aspects of your business. It is a tailor-made insurance product that identifies, assesses, and protects against any potential risk to your business, whether physical or financial.

Who Needs Car Dealer Insurance?

  • New car dealers
  • Used car dealers
  • Power sports dealers
  • Farm equipment dealers
  • Boat dealers
  • Heavy equipment dealers

Basic Car Dealer Insurance Coverage

A basic policy will give you basic protection, but this may not be everything that you need. Here is what a basic policy might look like:

  • Commercial building insurance – covers physical hazards that may damage your property
  • Building contents coverage – this will cover your building’s contents; you will need specialized insurance for your equipment or tools
  • General business liability coverage
  • Garage policy – A commercial auto policy designed to address the needs of auto dealers. This covers the customer’s cars while in your custody.
  • Owned auto – Protects your new and used inventory and any vehicles registered in the dealership’s name
  • Commercial general liability –  This is an insurance policy issued to businesses to protect them against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations

Auto Dealer Insurance Options

You could have several important options to consider, for example:

  • Special hazards – These are hazards that can be covered, but are not covered under your basic insurance product. Hazards such as earthquakes, flood, hail and sewer backup are all risks that can be addressed
  • Deductibles – These can be adjusted to a level that suits your business and that you feel comfortable with, which can affect the annual premium
  • Umbrella insurance – A policy designed to provide protection against catastrophic losses. This fills any gaps in coverage, and is generally written over primary liability policies, such as the business auto policy
  • Business interruption – This refers to insurance covering the loss of income suffered by a business when a covered loss occurs on its premises that causes a slowdown or suspension of operations
  • Pollution liability – Provides cleaning expenses when a pollution incident arises from the operation of your business

Two Reasons To Get Started Right Away

  • Don’t leave your business unprotected any longer than you need to. Make sure you are covered if a disaster strikes.
  • Just fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a policy that works for you.

Getting The Best Car Dealer Insurance In The Ottawa Area

When you need to purchase a vehicle, you go to a recognized and licensed dealer because you know you’ll get the best deal and the most reliable product to fit your needs. An experienced and trained insurance expert will find you the best coverage options at the lowest rates. This is especially true when you choose to do business with Bradley’s Insurance.

We do not represent just one insurance company, and our insurance agents conduct business with many top insurers. After you contact one of our specialists to discuss your insurance needs, your job is basically done. Your insurance specialist crunches all the numbers and compares policies and premiums from several top providers. This ensures that you get exactly what you need for the best price.