Car Wash Insurance In Ottawa

If you are the owner of a car wash business, you understand the investments that go into your location. Some businesses are flexible in where and how they operate. But if your building was damaged by a fire, would you be able to move and operate your car wash business somewhere else?

If the equipment you use to run your car wash business was lost, do you have all the financial resources available to replace them? How long could you afford to be out of business before you are out of business for good?

What Is Car Wash Insurance?

Car wash insurance coverage is crucial to have a successful company in a business with such unique risks. You can’t predict when something bad will happen, so don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to build due to an incident you couldn’t possibly see coming.

Who Needs Car Wash Insurance?

The cars that pass through your service each day make your business especially vulnerable, and only a car wash policy can fully protect you. Coverage is available to any owner of an auto wash facility in order to protect against losses arising from damage to your property or a customer’s property.

Comprehensive Coverage

In Ontario, a comprehensive policy contains the following:

  • Lost revenue
  • Lost revenue in the event of a claim
  • Customer vehicle damage
  • Business property damage

Car Wash Insurance Options

A comprehensive policy would include the proper limits of coverage to ensure your building and equipment can be replaced in the event of a claim.

If your car wash business is shut down for a period of time, you’ll want to have the proper amount of business interruption insurance in place to keep your company financially afloat until you are able to reopen. Be sure you retrieve all the revenue lost while you were closed.

Two Reasons To Act Now:

  • Don’t let another car pass through your wash without knowing that you are protected from potential claims.
  • It’s easy to get a no-risk quote right away. Simply fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a car wash insurance policy that’s tailored to your business.

Why Bradley’s Insurance?

Besides the above listed benefits, we have specially-trained insurance experts and many of them have years of experience working in the industry they represent. Therefore, your insurance agent is familiar with your line of work and all of your business insurance needs. We are well-equipped to meet the needs of both the smallest businesses or corporations with hundreds of employees. Our local insurance brokers can discuss issues like builders risk insurance, commercial general liability, or any other insurance questions you might have in-person or on the phone. We are not a call centre — we are a locally-owned and operated business that can assist you with expert professionals.