Ottawa Electrical Contractor Insurance

Working with electricity involves a large amount of risk. Even after a job has been completed, there are ongoing liabilities that must be considered. Electrical Contractor Insurance continues to protect you after the fact, so you know your work will be backed from start to finish and throughout its future use.

The Importance of Electrician Insurance

This coverage protects you from any accidents that happen as an alleged result of work that you have done. An electrician’s policy is crucial for peace of mind once you have finished a job, allowing you to move forward with your next contract confident that protection is still in place.

Who Needs Electrical Contractor Insurance?

Anyone who owns an electrical business needs specialized insurance coverage. Some businesses in the trade that require this coverage include:

  • Lighting technicians
  • Electrical contractors
  • Heating Contractors
  • Electric repairmen

Standard Electrician Insurance Coverage

A standard Electrician’s policy includes:

  • Vehicles
  • Disability
  • Property damage
  • General liability
  • Personal injury

All of these features can be integrated into an Electrical Contractor Insurance Policy for less money than you think.

Two Reasons to Act Right Away

  • Get protected before you have no need to worry about past jobs negatively affecting your future in the industry.
  • We can get you a no-risk quote within 24 hours. Just complete this short form and you’ll see how inexpensive electrician Insurance can be.

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