Ottawa Errors & Omissions Insurance

our business may be very successful, but in today’s litigious society, are you prepared to cover the costs and stress arising from a liability lawsuit? You can protect your business from attorney fees, court costs and any liability judgment with an e & o insurance policy.

The Importance of Errors & Omissions Insurance

The stress of litigation against you or your business can mentally exhaust you and keep you from driving your business. With errors and omissions insurance, you can relax, knowing that your court costs and potential liabilities are covered.

Who Needs This Type of Insurance?

Considering the broadness of coverage it provides, an errors & omissions policy one of the least expensive forms of insurance you can get.

Unlike commercial general liability, e & o covers you if you render or fail to render a professional service. Whether you are an architect, engineer, lawyer, designer, allied health professional or any consultant offering advice, you need e & o coverage.

Errors & Omissions Insurance Coverage

You may think that you are fully covered by your general liability insurance policy, but it will only protect you for claims involving bodily injury and property damage.

Two Reasons to Act Now

  • Errors & omissions insurance needs to be purchased prior to beginning a project or ahead of a product launch. Make sure your next venture is fully protected.
  • You can receive a no-risk quote very quickly. Simply fill out this short form and we’ll get back to you with a competitive quote.

Why Bradley’s Insurance?

Besides the above listed benefits, we have trained insurance experts and many of them have years of experience actually working in the industry they represent. This gives you an insurance representative that is familiar with your line of work and all of your business insurance needs. We offer three convenient locations for our clients and we have more than 20 specialists working for us. We can take accommodate the needs of the smallest business or a corporation with hundreds of employees in Ottawa.