Ottawa Farm Insurance

If you are operating your farm with computerized equipment, have you considered insuring it?

Are you protected for a financial loss? How about being covered for lost earnings while an element of your business is being restored?

What about something as seemingly innocuous as a sleigh ride, or a haunted house seasonally offered at the farm to generate extra income? If someone is hurt, a standard Farm Insurance policy will not cover it, potentially making you the target of a lawsuit.

What Is Farm And Crop Insurance?

Agri insurance is a specific insurance product put in place to provide coverage for all aspects of your operations as a farm owner. At Bradley’s Insurance, our insurance experts will ensure that your farm operations stay protected by staunch insurance.

Who Needs Farm Coverage?

Do you have one or more of the following?

  • Farm animals
  • Large acreage
  • Barns
  • Farm tractor
  • Farming activity on property you own

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you need a farm insurance policy to protect yourself against any property or liability claims not covered by a basic homeowner’s insurance policy.

What Does a Basic Policy Cover?

A basic crop Insurance policy includes coverage for:

  • Farm property
  • Farm vehicles
  • Livestock
  • Produce
  • Loss of income
  • General liability

Although a basic policy may not include everything that you need, we can help you discover what policy is best for you and your agribusiness.

Ottawa Agribusiness Insurance Expert

For 50+ years, the insurance veterans at Bradley’s Insurance have provided coverage for big and small farm operations in the Ottawa region. We are known to be reliable, competent and thorough when dealing with all forms of insurance coverage, and we keep up on insurance protection related to all of the latest technological advances in the industry.

We have access to many of the leading Crop Insurance companies and can tailor a policy to fit the needs of any outfit, whether a hobby farm or a very large dairy operation.

Complete the Find Quotes link before the next crop cycle. You will receive a call from one of our specialists and together, we will determine your current farm protection needs.