Why You Need Janitorial Insurance

You offer a key service in the Ottawa area. Without coverage tailored to the needs of your janitorial business, it could disappear with one error. Even if the fault doesn’t lay with you, in today’s litigious climate, your business could be vulnerable to substantial loss,

As the operator of a cleaning, janitorial, or custodial service, your work can take place anywhere from office buildings to schools to individual homes. Your exposure to liability is unique because you and your crew work at and on someone else’s property and creates a list of risks. Employees must travel to job locations and often have keys to your clients’ buildings or offices. Often, custodial employees work in the evenings and or overnight while the locations are empty. Working environments can be delicate and involve expensive property. The caustic nature of some of the cleaning solutions used in your industry can be damaging to your clients’ property if used improperly.

Any of these situations can lead to a lawsuit against your company for theft, property damage or slip and fall claims. Even if allegations are baseless, the defense costs to fight one lawsuit alone can be financially devastating to your company.

What Is Janitorial Insurance?

Along with the usual property, stock and equipment coverage, janitorial insurance addresses the liability exposures common to your profession as a result of alleged negligence by company employees in the course of their work. It does this by offering the following coverage:

  • General Liability Insurance – Protects your business against the high legal and potential settlement costs of bodily injury and property-related lawsuits.
  • Property Insurance – Your business will likely use cleaning equipment and supplies that need to be protected from fire, theft and a variety of other exposures. You may even have a commercial building or office that requires coverage.
  • Fidelity/Crime Coverage – Being surrounded by other peoples’ property can create an attractive opportunity for a dishonest employee. Add crime coverage, along with a Third-Party Extension to protect your business.
  • Lost Key Coverage – In the event that keys and locks must be replaced.
  • Personal Injury Insurance – Injury to employees while they’re on the job.

Who Needs Janitorial Insurance?

  • Janitors
  • Custodians
  • Maid Services
  • Cleaning Ladies
  • Maintenance Services Providers
  • Anyone entering a third-party property to clean or maintain the environment

How can Bradley’s Insurance ensure your business is protected?

We have a broad understanding of Janitorial and Custodial exposures and the available coverage in the insurance market. Furthermore, as one of Ottawa’s largest brokerages, our existing insurer relationships provides us with the most competitive rates in the industry. We will provide a policy that protects you and your crew from general business liabilities and risks that are specific to the off-site nature of your business.

Two Reasons to Start Right Away

  • You want to make sure that you are protected against all claims before you step foot on a client’s property.
  • You can get a no-risk quote right away. Simply contact a representative and we will get back to you within a day to get the process started.

Bradley’s Insurance is well-equipped to take care of local, regional, nationwide, and even international insurance needs. We are there to serve your needs with expert and experienced professionals.