Ontario Laundromat Insurance
Insure More Than Your Machines

There are many hazards in a laundromat. Machine malfunctions, ruined clothing, and slip and fall liability are just a few of them. An owner must consider all potential risks in case they experience a loss. For example, a Laundromat owner insures their property — building, contents, washers, dryers and pressers — but experiences a fire that ruins everything. Laundromat Insurance will cover the building and contents; however, as a result of the fire damage, it will take time to rebuild before the operation is ready to be open again.

To protect against this, an owner can opt to purchase “Loss of Income” coverage. With this addition to your policy, there would be coverage for resultant business expenses, plus some profit for the period noted on the policy while the business is being rebuilt. As such, it is extremely important to have the correct coverage in place to protect your business’ ability to stay afloat following a loss.

Laundromats sometime accept customers’ clothing and provide a cleaning service. This form of bailee’s exposure is unique and must be mitigated since the owner will accept the customers’ goods in their care, custody and control with the purpose of providing cleaning or repair services.

What is Coin-Op Insurance?

Coin-op laundry insurance is designed to provide coverage against bodily injury or property damage that third party customers experience while dealing with the business. In addition, a business owner uses washers, dryers, presses, and a variety of other equipment as the lifeblood of the business. They must protect these assets and be able to replace them should they experience an unexpected loss.

Who Needs Laundromat Insurance?

  • Self-serve laundromats
  • Service provided laundromats
  • Coin-operated laundromats
  • Dry-cleaners
  • Tailors
  • Pressers and ironing services

How do I Cover my Laundromat Exposures?

To cover your special risks, you need Coin-Op Insurance, which has coverage that can include:

  • General Liability Insurance – protects your business against the high legal and settlement costs of bodily injury and property damage lawsuits.
  • Property Insurance – your business will likely use cleaning and pressing machines and supplies that need to be protected from fire, theft and a variety of other exposures. You will likely have other typical office contents like computers; all of this will need to be replaced in the event of a fire or other catastrophic loss.
  • Fidelity/Crime Coverage – theft from dishonest employees, including a third-party extension, to cover theft of property of others in your care, custody or control, along with other monetary theft losses
  • Bailee’s Coverage – damage to property of others, temporarily in your care, custody and control.
  • Pollution Coverage – protects you for remediation costs in case toxic cleaning chemicals from your premises contaminate the environment.
  • Business Interruption Coverage – protects the loss of income you would experience in the event of an insured property loss

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