Ottawa Salon & Barber Insurance

Owning a barbershop or salon can prove to be a tough business, as clients take their aesthetics very seriously, and leave the results in your capable hands. In an increasingly litigious environment, it is very important to groom your insurance policy to fit your needs as there are a growing number of lawsuits being filed by dissatisfied clients. Self-image and esteem are tough to quantify, and that makes grievances hard to predict.

As a responsible business owner, you need to have protection from a lawsuit that can ruin your business. Salon and barber insurance protects you from general liability in the rare case that a client suffers bodily injury. It also adds an extra layer of professional liability insurance in case you are accused of negligence. Finally, you’ll know that your property is insured to proper levels.

What is Beauty Salon Insurance?

This insurance coverage is designed to protect exposures related to the business. This insurance policy covers against bodily injury or property damage that third party customers experience while dealing with the business. In addition, a business owner operates in buildings and uses a variety of other equipment as the livelihood of the business. They must protect these assets and be able to replace them should they experience an unexpected loss.

Business owners sometimes rent out chairs to independent contractors and must have the appropriate coverage and processes in place to mitigate the exposure. As part of a salon, businesses may offer waxing, tanning, massage, facials, nails and makeup services, which must be understood and appropriately insured. Finally, companies operate with the purpose of earning income. Should they experience a loss they may be unable to operate and should insure against business income so they can continue to cover business expenses while the business is rebuilt.

Who Needs Barber and Salon Insurance?

  • Hair Cutting Salons
  • Barbershops
  • Beauty Salons
  • Masseuses
  • Manicurists
  • Piercing Specialists

How do I Cover my Salon and Barber Exposures?

To cover your special risks, you need Salon and Barber Insurance which has coverage that can include:

  • General Liability Insurance – Protects your business against the high legal costs of bodily injury and property-related lawsuits.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Your business will likely use cleaning and pressing machines and supplies that need to be protected from fire, theft and a variety of other exposures.
  • Fidelity/Crime Coverage – From dishonest employees
  • Personal Injury Insurance – Injury to employees
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance – Employees can make mistakes that can end up costing a client a great deal of money. E&O Insurance will cover legal defense costs, and ultimately damages, including court costs up to the limit on the policy.

Our Insurance Experts

Salon and Barber Insurance is both affordable and necessary. You can cut away the unwanted and unneeded parts of general insurance and simply focus on what is important to your business.

You may feel that you are already fully protected by your general business insurance policy, but your operations are unique and you need a Beauty Salon Insurance policy that protects you from its special risks.

When you partner with our business insurance professionals, you will be talking with an insurance protection veteran who knows your business and how the various insurance protections align with it. We have worked in Ottawa insurance for more than 50 years, and will put together a premiere salon and barber business insurance package for you at an affordable cost.

Let Bradley’s Insurance help you understand what works best to protect your business from all of the risks you run. We will do this with a well thought out and executed business insurance policy designed just for salons and barbers. All of the liability, property, equipment and machinery and other essential protections will be included in one comprehensive insurance package, developed by a top-rated insurance carrier.

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