Working Hard To Protect Your Valuable Assets

The home is where the heart is. Truly, nothing is more valuable than the comfort and security that a home provides you and your family. However, if your home is custom-built, historic, or just carries additional value beyond that of a standard home, you’ll want to ensure that you have adequate protection. Fortunately, we offer high value home insurance and luxury home insurance to help protect and secure your beautiful place of living.

By working with the very best high value home insurance companies, Bradley’s Insurance can help high value homeowner near Stittsville and the greater Ottawa area get the appropriate coverage necessary to secure such a valuable — and nearly priceless — investment.

Ottawa High Value Home Insurance

With a high value home Insurance policy, your home is appraised by company personnel to ensure that it is properly insured. A risk assessment is also conducted at the same time to identify any areas that may be of concern, and our insurance agents will make the appropriate recommendations that should be part of your risk management strategy.

Who Needs Luxury Home Insurance?

Personal insurance doesn’t stop at standard homeowners insurance. Your home may be custom built, historic, or even designed by a famous architect. What sets it apart from most other homes is its value and character. Aside from the replacement value of your home, there are many reasons why you should consider high value home insurance. The companies that offer this special coverage are also unique in their approach to underwriting the risk, the service they provide, and perhaps most importantly: settling claims.

The coverage provided by high value homeowners insurance is more extensive than regular home insurance policies. These policies are tailor-made for the individual. The limits of coverage for jewelry, artwork, wine etc. are higher than regular homeowner policies.

It is important to remember that the high value home insurance company is also covering your lifestyle, not just your home. Personal umbrella policies are available to extend liability coverage above and beyond what is covered on your base policy.

Working with the best high value home insurance companies in Ottawa, Bradley’s Insurance can connect you with the very best high value home insurance provider. Learn more today.