snowmobileProtecting Your Home On The Road

Recreational Vehicles, commonly referred to as “motorhomes,” present exciting opportunities to travel comfortably and experience the open road ahead of you. Whether you’re traveling across Ontario into Central Canada or taking an extensive road trip down south to see more of the United States, cruising around in a motorhome truly is the ultimate way to travel in complete luxury and comfort.

However, with a valuable investment as nice and expensive as an RV, you can’t drive around without the right RV insurance in Ottawa. As part of our extensive personal insurance services, Bradley’s Insurance is proud to provide RV insurance, RV trailer insurance, fifth wheel insurance, commercial RV insurance, and more.

Ottawa RV Insurance

No matter what size or features it has, your new recreational vehicle may have something missing. Without a solid RV insurance policy, you are leaving yourself at risk. Even if you have a current auto insurance policy that offers some coverage, your motorhome, trailer, fifth-wheel, or ATV needs the special features that only a specialized insurance policy can offer.

Accidents, vandalism, and theft are just as likely to affect your motorhome, trailer, ATV, or other recreational vehicle as they would a car. With the right RV insurance coverage, you can drive around with the confidence that you deserve knowing that everything is already taken care of!

What Is Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

Recreational vehicle insurance will not only provide you with the same coverage you can purchase for your car, such as liability, accident benefits, collision, and comprehensive, but it can also provide you with emergency roadside assistance, towing charges, as well as coverage for your personal belongings carried inside and emergency lodging expenses in the event of a claim.

Who Needs RV Insurance?

Anyone who owns an ATV, trailer, fifth wheel, motor home or park model. While most insurance companies can add these to the car or home policy, they will not offer the coverage needed at the time of a loss.

Your Key To The Best Personal Insurance In Ottawa

If there’s an aspect of your personal life that can be protected, the chances are strong that Bradley’s Insurance can take care of you thanks to our array of personal insurance services — RV insurance is just the start! Get the right RV insurance coverage and more by reaching out to us today.