1. Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Your Auto Insurance Policy

    You can’t drive around without auto insurance — this includes here in the greater Ottawa area, and in many other places around the world. Well, you can try to drive around as an uninsured driver. Sure, your car will still operate all the same, but you’re seriously setting yourself (and other drivers that you encounter on the road) up for a disservice. Not only is it illegal and unlawful to o…Read More

  2. How Are Your Auto Insurance Rates Calculated? Here Are Several Factors To Consider

    When it comes car insurance in just about any part of the world, there’s really no such thing as “universal” car insurance. Naturally, it’s going to cost a lot more to insure a 2018 BMW M3 as opposed to a 1998 Geo Metro. In fact, insurance companies might pay you to drive the Geo around. Jokes aside, you may have insured one of your vehicles before, or just your sole vehicle, only to scrat…Read More

  3. Outrageous and Uncommon Insurance Policies That You Didn’t Know Existed

    Right off the bat, we have some great news for you: It’s completely possible to get that chicken insurance that you’ve been searching so long for. What if your significant other gets cold feet right before your wedding date? As completely tragic as that hypothetical sounds, cold feet wedding insurance also exists. Isn’t it good to know that you’re covered for even the most trivial or unlik…Read More

  4. Safe At The Wheel: Tips and Tricks To Save On Auto Insurance

    Are you covered at the wheel? While automobiles have offered many decades of convenient, personal transportation, they also present their fair share of risks when you’re at speed on the open road. Here in Ontario, drivers are required to have at least some extent of auto insurance in order to legally drive a vehicle. At a minimum, this coverage includes liability, accident benefits, direct compe…Read More

  5. Our Insurance Company Discusses 3 of The Dumbest Cases of Insurance Fraud

    In our last blog, we discussed some wacky cases of insurance fraud, which included faked deaths, con artists and a teacher who grew tired of her car payments. We’ve discovered some equally wild tales about some of the dumbest cases of insurance fraud ever. Today, we have a couple of stories that will peak your interest and cause you to scratch your head in disbelief simultaneously. The Pro Wrest…Read More