1. Anticipating The Worst: Tips To Windproof Your Home

    Recently, the Ottawa-Gatineau region experienced a high-speed windstorm that left residents dealing with the aftermath of headache-inducing damages. From trampolines and playground equipment to barbecue grills scattered about in places where they shouldn’t be to broken windows and dislodged trees, it’s fair to say that we sometimes underestimate the sheer power of the wind. Recovering From A W…Read More

  2. Useful Tips to Secure, Protect and Optimize Your Home In Ottawa

    With homeownership comes a sense of pride. If you’re like the majority of people, you probably grew up in your parent’s home, eventually reaching the age of adulthood where you were able to start making your own money. After renting a number of places in college and even as a post-graduate young professional, you eventually settled down and found a home worth investing in the long-term. Fast f…Read More