1. More Trampoline Safety Considerations To Keep In Mind

    Combine the energy of your kids with the rebound potential of a trampoline. The result? Well, the optimist in us says that the answer is a good time, but the pessimist in us says that the answer is the potential for an injury and increased home insurance rates. The realist in us would probably agree that the actual answer lies somewhere in between these two mindsets. Jumping on a trampoline is no …Read More

  2. Love Trampolines? Protect Your Kids And Your Home With These Safety Tips

    It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes jumping on a trampoline so fun and carefree. Perhaps it’s the temporary feeling of weightlessness as you momentarily pretend that you’re defying gravity, or maybe the appeal is in how much “air” you can get with the help of a friend bouncing you. For those with a background in gymnastics, trampolines possess their obvious advantages. Many people e…Read More