The forecast in the Ottawa area is predicting very warm temperatures, and lots of rain.  Many people will be happy to see the snow disappear so quickly, but this rapid thaw can cause problems for homeowners! Bradley’s Insurance wants to make sure you and your home are ready for the spring melt by sharing the following tips to help you prevent losses to your property: -Ensure snow is shoveled away from below-grade entrances/window wells to prevent it from entering your home. If you see pooled water, shovel a path for its release. -Ensure your downspouts are extended away from the house; we recommend 6’ away to ensure meltwater isn’t running down your foundation and possibly, into the home. -Check to make sure your sump pump is working. Often, they can do for extended periods without running and the motors can fail. -Consider installing a sewer backwater valve to protect you from excess water in the sanitary sewage system. Following these tips will help protect your home.