We hear people talking about this all the time…what is the difference between being insured by a large corporation, or a locally owned brokerage. The biggest difference is that “CORPORATIONS DON’T CARE! ”  Corporations can’t have feelings…so they can’t care…it’s not their fault, it’s just the way it is.  They will say they have mission statements, values that guide them…but the reality is their owner is their shareholders…and all they really care about is PROFITS.   In the last several years large CORPORATIONS have purchased over 15 local insurance brokerages that were insuring over 50,000 Ottawa area households.  If  you’re in that situation I guarantee you’ve noticed the difference in the personalized service you received!  Corporations have a number of business strategies on how to make “local brokerages more profitable”, but it usually involves 1) Moving to a call centre environment 2) Having Account Managers handle more clients